Reckless Love: Episode 2

Reckless Love: Episode 2

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Episode 2

I stared at my clothes for a long time. On the left were my “Dr. Brown” clothes. My sweaters, blazers, jeans, and comfy shirts. In the middle were my “Esme” clothes. The pencil skirts and blouses, high heels, and dresses. I loved this part of my closet. In many ways it was the most “me” of any of it. On the right were my Rosalind Brown clothes. I hated those clothes but I needed them. My clothes represented the roles I needed to play and Rosalind’s were the ones I needed the most. Slipping back into my old life took an entire shift in my brain to complete. Usually.

“Not today,” I muttered, my hand moving from the conservative black cocktail dress I knew I should wear in order to draw as little attention as possible. But you see, I was tired of hiding. Tired of being wrong. So instead I selected a black strapless dress I knew Leo would love. I placed it in a garment bag and zipped it closed. The red heels and makeup went in my giant handbag.

“Ready for work?” Leo asked from the doorway.

For work I wore my favorite jeans, red flats, and a red sweater under my black blazer, and Leo seemed to be drinking up every inch. He was taking me to work today so he could pick me up on the way to my father’s party. It was my first time bringing him as my date and I was a little nervous.

Okay, there was nothing little about my amount of nervous.

“How would you feel about office sex before the party?” I twisted my fingers together because I knew he was going to say no. As much as sex was my go-to move for instant calm, Leo preferred to save the kink for later. And today . . . I was going to need the kink in the same way some women needed a hot bath and a glass of wine after a hard day.

“Love, you know I’m always in the mood for sex with you. Anytime, anywhere, but I don’t think you’ll want me ruining your dress and makeup.” He sucked a kiss to my neck then whispered, “And trust me, I’d ruin them.”

I swayed toward him. “If you ruin them then we won’t have to go.”

He took my chin between his finger and thumb, gazing into my eyes until I was well and thoroughly hypnotized. “And lose a chance like this? No.”

Pretty much the only reason I ever showed up when my father called was to exploit the opportunity for information. I asked Leo to come with me because I knew tonight I’d be able to put the pieces together. I could feel it. I also told him because I could feel how desperately I didn’t want to go. And not going, despite my instinct to flee, was not an option.

“But,” he murmured low and sexy, “I promise to fuck you any way you wish afterward. Deal?”

“Deal,” I grumbled. It wasn’t what I wanted but it would have to do.

Work went by in a whirlwind, mercifully. It was one of the things I loved about my job. Between my students and classes, the lab, and the research, I rarely had time to stop.

I was just finishing up work on a new interactive map for the website when Jeffry popped in. “Now that is cool. Show me how it works.”

To say I was proud of my work was an understatement, but this project in particular got me really excited. Needless to say, I was happy to show it off. “Now that we have permission to use most of the data we’ve collected we’re launching a new website. People all over the world will be able to trace history geographically and through time. This section of the website is strictly educational. It’ll be great for students working on school projects or history buffs who enjoy learning.”

Jeffry ran his palms together. “And the other sections?”

“A partnership with the computer science department. They’ve created two games. One is a mystery. Players are given clues and they use the real data on the website to solve it. The other is a first person adventure game. There is a free version available to everyone and a paid version with more levels and options. The hope is the paid version will fund the website while the free version gets us free word-of-mouth publicity.”

“Fucking genius.” Jeffry took my seat and began playing with the design. “Is there a beta version? I’d be more than happy to help test it.”

I was absolutely sure of that. “We’re working on details now. I’ll make sure you get invited to the beta when it launches.”

He gasped as he clicked through the adventure game and a three-dimensional recreation of an Egyptian pyramid appeared along with a map, inviting him inside. “This is incredible! It looks real!”

“That’s because it is real. Archaeologists have scanned these pyramids inside and out. Depending on where you are in time the game either shows you the pyramids as they are now, or the recreated versions as they would have been. This is the real deal, we’re just putting it into a narrative that makes sense to more people.”

He sat back in the chair with his fingers interlaced behind his head. “This is the future of teaching history.”

That was the idea. In a perfect world this technology would be in classrooms. Whether it worked remained to be seen. “It’s expensive and time consuming but this data needs to exist somewhere the public can access it.”

“They have access, Esme, they just don’t know they do. And even when they know they don’t care because it’s boring. This isn’t boring.”

“Storytelling is what makes us human. The ability to convey thoughts to another person, to see places we’ve never been and experience feelings from events we’ve never experienced, is what makes us unique. We’ve been telling stories since the beginning of time. We work so hard to preserve those cave paintings and funeral rites, but if we don’t tell the story then we can’t relate. It’s why people love a big sweeping historical blockbuster. They have a hero they can root for, a villain they can hate, and a world to lose themselves inside. Facts aren’t stories. Facts aren’t human. This,” I waved at the computer, “is my attempt at making facts resemble a story. You don’t just read information about pyramids or Pharaohs, you go inside, you become them.”

I had a dream that someday everyone would enjoy history and stop repeating it. It wouldn’t happen, but I was going to try anyway.

The alarm on my phone went off. “All right Jeffry, time to go. I’ve got to get dressed for a party.”

“Oh a party! Can I come?”

I looked at his bright green t-shirt that proclaimed, “This is my humerus shirt” with a picture of the arm bone beside it. “Um, I don’t think this is your kind of party. It’s for Leo’s work.” I didn’t mention it was a cocktail party at my father’s house because Jeffry didn’t know I was related to the owner of the Renegades and I planned on keeping it that way.

“Yeah, no. That doesn’t sound like a party at all. Except for the rich athletes. But Leo banned me from taking pictures with his clients after I tried to get Dante to take a selfie with me in the bathroom.”

Poor Dante. “Did you need something, Jeffry?” I began pushing him toward the door. “Or did you just stop by for fun?”

“What? Oh! That’s right. I wanted to see if you would be interested in a party at our house next Saturday. A real party. It’s Hope’s birthday.”

“Of course we’ll be there.” I liked Hope and found it fascinating how she turned Jeffry into an almost normal person when she was around. Quite the opposite of the effect I had on him.

“Awesome blossom! I’ll send you and Leo the details. Have fun tonight!”

Fun. Yeah right.

Instead of thinking about where I was going and why, I grabbed my dress and focused on something I did enjoy. Getting dressed up and thinking about what it would do to Leo.

The dress I picked was a favorite of mine—a very expensive black Oscar de la Renta. It was strapless and had a corset-style bustier with an asymmetrical line along my breasts. The skirt fell to my knees in slim pencil shape. I went all out styling my hair and painted my lips the same shade of red as my shoes.

I knew what red lips did to Leo. Loved it when his eyes went wild and when his control eventually snapped. There was so much power in drawing out the process of placing my lips around his cock, working my way down his shaft and marking him. Maybe tonight I’d take him back to the alcove by the kitchen. He wouldn’t wash off the ring of red until we got home.

And that really got me hot.

In fact, I had to stop thinking about my plans or else I’d ruin my panties.

Unfortunately I got dressed too quickly and had to wait. The more I waited the more anxious I became. What would Edmund say tonight? What favor did he require? At the last party it was more about flexing his control over me than getting his precious predictions. Tonight would be different. I just wish I knew how so I could plan for it. In many ways it was the lack of knowledge that made me the most nervous. That and the fact I was going there with my own intentions. I swear I thought Edmund was capable of seeing straight through me. In my mind he was a human lie detector who’d take one look at me and know I was searching for information.

My father would never be the loving figure who doted or watched over his children. We were his prizes. William the reward of his first wife. The woman he married for his first million then divorced after his son and heir was born. I was the reward of his second wife, the woman who was supposed to be nothing more than a mistress. Instead she became pregnant with me and Edmund married her to stave off the scandal. They divorced when I was two so that Edmund could marry the beautiful young heir to an airline. During their five year marriage there was a string of mistresses. In the end Edmund got the airline and his wife got a new husband in Greece. After that, he stuck to marrying women just out of college and got rid of them before they hit twenty-eight. My father had a type and it disgusted me.

I was stuck in a spiral of unpleasant thoughts when Leo finally arrived. “Hey, Love. Sorry I’m late. There was an accident and traffic on Malfunction Junction was a mess.” He quietly closed the door and stood there drinking me in.

Malfunction Junction was the affectionate (and yes, I mean that sarcastically) way locals referred to the mess that was the tangle of interstates near downtown. It had gotten much better but was still a constant headache.

“It’s fine.” I tried to wave it off but Leo, with his super powers of observation, caught on.

“You’re not fine. Come here. You look fucking gorgeous in that dress.” His eyes drifted to my lips and there it was. The fire.

I bit my lip and smiled. Thinking about what I’d do to Leo’s cock was a lot more fun than where mind had just been. “Thank you.”

He groaned. “Oh you’re going to kill me, Esme. Stop biting your red lips. All I can think about is sex now.”

I went into his arms and accepted the warm security of his body. “I told you we should get some exercise before the party. It’ll get rid of all our tension.”

“I’m not fucking you here. I really will ruin this dress and your beautiful hair. I want my fist in that braid.” He turned me slightly so he could examine it more closely.

That was why I created the sweeping rope. Leo had become more and more fond of my hair during sex and I got an adrenaline rush from finding new ways to entice him. Because again, sex was my escape and lately I’d been needing to escape. “Please?”

His hand drifted over the bodice of my dress, danced over the tops of my breasts, teasing me with soft touches and obvious adoration. Then he closed his hand gently around the column of my neck. “I have an idea that I think will satisfy us both.”

My anxiety-riddled body zinged to life as he held me. I knew Leo would never hurt me. He had full control over his body and emotions. When he closed his hand around my throat it was for my pleasure alone. I could see that he didn’t get off on it the way I did. It was only my response that finally dilated his pupils and turned his breaths deeper.

His gaze drifted to my lips one more time. “Bend over, Petal.” He reached into his pocket and withdrew a plug, holding it up for me to examine.

My inner muscles clenched and without thinking I licked my lips again. “Oh yes.”

Leo slid my skirt up over my hips and began petting me, playing his part and allowing me to descend into mine. “You’ve been thinking about me, haven’t you? You’re wet and swollen.” His fingers pushed my panties aside and brushed along my lips. “So warm.”

Maybe choosing to be Esme instead of Rosalind was a great idea because what Leo was doing right now was allowing me to fully embrace the freedom of the woman I became on my own. She wasn’t perfect but she was powerful and knew how to use sex as a sword and shield. I never enjoyed slipping back into my old clothes and hated reverting into my old role. But tonight, with Leo and his dirty plans at my side, I was going to attempt something new. Tonight I’d attend as me.

Leo kept up a stream of wonderful praise as he sank his fingers inside me. He massaged my hips and ass, gently lubricated me, and then ever so slowly, plugged me.  

“We’ll go to this party and we’ll be on our very best behavior,” he murmured. “No one will know that you’re wet for me. They won’t know how I’ve fucked you by the kitchen or that all night long you’ll be walking around like this.” He gave it a gentle tug. “No one but me will know how badly you want to be fucked at the end of the night.”

“Yes,” I whispered over and over. Each statement reaffirming how well he understood me and would always give me just what I needed.

“Knowing all this will let you clear your mind, Esme. You’ll focus on what matters.” He smoothed everything back into place and spun me to him. “You. Me. And the truth.” He kissed me deeply, showing me just how affected he was by all this too.

Thank you for reading Episode 2! Gah, I love how Leo and Esme compliment each other. And I’m really, really excited to see what happens at the party.

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