Storm Inside Series


The Storm Inside Series


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“It was one of the best love stories I have read to date. The writing at times was so descriptive you could feel the love, pain, confusion and desperation between the characters.” –Books Unhinged Book Blog

“This book starts off with a BANG! Literally!!  Their scenes together were so intense and the sex scenes were so hot, my whole body felt on fire.” –Lustful Literature

The sex was HOT!  Jake melted me with his words.” –Miscellaneous Thoughts of a Bookaholic

“I loved the writer’s portrayal of what life can throw at young love.” –Brenda’s Book Beat

The Storm Inside

Eve Daniels never expected Jake Spencer to walk back into her life, or to feel so strongly for him…

“The only thing holding me back was my heart.  You know, the broken one.  It knew if Jake and I got back together we’d make our past relationship look like child’s play.  It would be a sweet footnote to this new, torrid love affair.  ‘Jake and Eve 2.0’ would be an uncontrolled explosion of sex and adoration.

 Uncontrolled explosions were dangerous.  Everyone knew that.

 And yet, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from playing with the matches…”  ~Eve

But Jake Spencer isn’t like other men…

Loving someone and being in love aren’t always the same thing.

That’s what Eve Daniels is trying to come to terms with when Jake Spencer suddenly returns to her life after ten years of silence.  Haunted by a past he had no power to control, Jake left everyone and everything behind in hopes of saving Eve from his demons.  His one regret was breaking her heart.

From the moment they reconnect, it is clear to Eve the passion, brilliance, and determination that first attracted her to Jake are stronger than ever.  So strong that fighting their pull seems useless.  But falling back in love isn’t as easy as letting the walls down.  Eve soon realizes the choices they’ve both made come with consequences.  Ones that will test how deep her love runs for a man living with a storm inside.


Reflected in the Rain


 In The Storm Inside, Jake and Eve fell in love all over again.  In Reflected in the Rain, they take on a much bigger task—building a life together.

With marriage, a sexy honeymoon, and happily ever after on the horizon, they seem to have it all.  Until a woman from Jake’s past shows up with a surprise business proposal that drags Jake back toward a world he’s left behind.

All Jake wants is his life with Eve, and all Eve wants is to prove to Jake he can have it all.  How far will Eve have to go to keep Jake’s dream alive and, more importantly, will they be able to live with the consequences?


The weather was perfect.  A cold front was sliding in from the north, so the temperature had been dropping all day.  It would be raining soon and Jake knew exactly what rain did to me.

I decided I didn’t want to talk or think.  I just wanted to let everything go.  I wanted to escape inside Jake for a little while, so I let him kiss me until my toes curled, and then I rolled on top of him.

“I think you are wearing far too many clothes, Mr. Spencer.”  I started at the top of his shirt, unbuttoning one after another until his shirt was open.  I tugged up his white undershirt and ran my hands along the muscles of his stomach, then hooked my hand around his belt and got to work on his pants.  Jake was grinning at me the whole time, his eyes rolling back in his head whenever my skin touched his.

The rain started to fall quietly, so quietly at first I barely noticed it.  Not until there was enough water for it to start dripping slowly from the leaves and the roof above.  It created a symphony of noises that seemed to blot out the rest of the world.

“Take your clothes off,” I commanded as I stood up and finally dropped my pants.  Then, with a grin, I took off my blouse and bra, but picked Jake’s shirt back up and pulled it over my shoulders to keep the cold away.

“Don’t you want to eat first?” he asked, grinning.

I paused as I pulled his shirt closed around my nearly naked body.  “Do you really want me to stop?” I teased back.

“Oh, no,” he replied with a slow shake of his head, his eyes drinking all of me in.  “Get your gorgeous self down here.”  He sat up and tugged on my hand, pulling me onto his lap.

I straddled him and ran my hands down his bare chest.  “Who needs food when there is something this delicious in front of me?”

Jake laughed so hard he practically bucked me off of him.  “Cheesy much?  Get down here and kiss me, woman.”

And so I did.  I had way too much pent up frustration from the last day.  It needed a way out and Jake was my favorite way to exorcize my demons.  The deeper we kissed, the more our bodies ground together and with very little separating us, we quickly moved from excited to aroused.

But the rain was falling harder and the temperature was dropping.  Even with the heat generated between us, a chill ran over my skin.

“Oh no you don’t,” Jake grinned.  Then he pulled the blankets up around us, flicking the switch on a heated blanket.  “There’s more where that came from if the temperature keeps dropping.  I got the space heater out, but I was hoping we could get lost under all these blankets for a while, first.”

Then he rolled me underneath him, “Or I could just keep you warm with me.”

I liked that idea.  I liked all of it, actually.  The blankets were soft against my skin.  I liked being lost under the covers with Jake.  I never knew what was coming next… a hand, a kiss?  Maybe soon he’d let me have some of the prize he had sliding against my skin.

Just the thought made my body throb with anticipation.  As much as I was enjoying being lost in the blankets, nothing compared to being lost in Jake.  He could wipe away my doubts and fears, quiet my mind, and relax my body like nothing else ever had or ever would.  I craved the peace he gave me.

When Lighting Strikes (Storm Inside #3)

Greg’s a jerk, everyone knows this. He’s made an art form out of pissing people off and swearing with style. What nobody knows is why. The act works on everyone except Marie, a confident, no-nonsense woman. Or in other words, the only woman who can handle Greg. Together they’re passionate and honest in a way he never thought was possible. They have a rare kind of chemistry that makes everything else seem pointless.

Well, except the past. Greg hasn’t been able to let that go, and unless he figures out a way to forgive himself, he’ll lose Marie and his shot at the all-consuming, life-altering happiness he didn’t think he was allowed to have again.


I texted Eve to ask where I should buy these new sheets I suddenly needed, and somehow that turned into a ten-minute phone call.

“Why do you sound out of breath?” she asked.

“Because I’m running.”

“Why are you talking on the phone while you’re running? Shouldn’t you be running?”

“Thank you Captain Obvious. That was why I texted you in the first place.”

She sighed, grumbling something about how a full-grown man should know where to buy sheets. “I just assumed if I was getting a text on a Saturday morning, requesting advice on fucking sheet shopping, that there had to be a story to go along with it.”

I didn’t reply.

“So there is a story…” she drawled.

I still didn’t answer. I knew it wasn’t going to get me anywhere, but I still held out a little hope Eve would let it drop.

“Tell me the fucking story!” she finally yelled into the phone.

I yanked my ear buds out and popped my ears. “Thanks for fucking blowing out my eardrums.” I stopped at the corner and carefully put them back in. “Could you possibly talk without making me deaf?”


“It’s Okay.”



She giggled. “You know we each owe Jake a drink now, right?”

“Fuck it.” Jake was sick of hearing us both say “fuck” all the time so he’d imposed a drink rule. Every time we said it more than two times in a conversation we had to buy him a drink. It was fucking stupid and annoying as shit. And the bastard had gotten at least a bottle of liquor out of each of us in the last month. “Fine.” I started down the next street and took a deep breath. There was only one person I’d ever be this girly and honest with, and that was Eve. “I met someone two nights ago. I offered to give her an orgasm, she turned me down.”

“So you shredded your sheets in misery?”

“No.” I replied flatly. “I went out to dinner last night with Chuck and the guys.”

“She was there?” Eve gasped.


“And she didn’t say no twice?” Her voice went up a few octaves with each word in the sentence.

“No she didn’t.”

And then there was the gasp I was expecting as she put two-and-two together. “Wait…you took her home?” And then her voice dropped to a whisper. “Is she still there?”

“Of course not. But yes, I took her back to my place, thus the need for new sheets.”

“What kind of crazy sex did you two have? I mean, Jake and I have crazy sex, but we don’t need new sheets every time.”

I gagged thinking about my best friend and his wife doing it. Jake was like my brother and Eve was essentially the sister I never had. Thinking about them having sex was as gross as thinking about my parents doing it. “Thanks for the visual.”

“What? We’re adults. We can talk about this stuff.”

“Maybe I’m not nearly as evolved as you are.”

“Whatever,” she sighed. “Don’t you have a spare set you can use?”

“Have you seen my condo? Do I look like the kind of guy who keeps coordinating sheets around for the hell of it? Sally washes them once a week while she’s here. I don’t need a second set.”

“Says you,” she grumbled. “So you met someone who actually made you stop and think for a few seconds and now you need to exorcise her from your condo. Bed, Bath & Beyond at the mall should have what you need. I’d offer to help, but I need to have crazy sex with my husband.” There was a squeal in the background and the sound of Jake’s voice in the distance as Eve’s giggle disappeared from the line.


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