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Not familiar with Kobo? They’re kind of the Canadian version of the Kindle, but you don’t have to be Canadian to use and love them! They have quickly become my favorite place to buy ebooks! I read them on my iPad using the Kobo app.

They run sales, a points system, and exclusive discounts you can’t find anywhere else, plus they really, really love their readers and their writers. I absolutely love working with Kobo. And if you’re looking for a new ereader, check out their waterproof version! Easy bath or pool time reading? Yes please!

My Shelf Monday: The Jagged Ivory Box Set


This week for My Shelf Monday I’m doing something a little different. It’s kind of like a mini-takeover while I’m chained in the editing basement finishing up One Week in Wyoming. One of my good friends from RWA has been writing her booty off, and this summer, in a really fun twist, she’s kicked off a “Summer Tour” for her box set of rock star-centric books, the Jagged Ivory series. If you like to get sucked into a series, Lashell is your girl. Check it out:

The Essential Jagged Ivory 

by Lashell Collins

Sneaking around with the manager’s daughter.

Hollywood marriage bust-ups.

Drug addiction and rehab.

Secrets and lies, and sex tapes.

And that’s just scratching the surface of what goes down when the world’s biggest rock band goes on tour for the summer!

Noah, Cory, Benji, Buzzy and Otis are Jagged Ivory, the hottest rock band on the planet. But they’re also a family who takes care of one another through thick and thin, blood and sibling rivalry be damned. Sexy, fun and irresistible, these guys rock hard, party hard, and love even harder! Come meet the boys of Jagged Ivory, and the women who love them, and let them rock your world!

Join Jagged Ivory on their summer world tour and get all five books in this rock star series – Jagged Hearts, Jagged Dreams, Jagged Addiction, Jagged Secrets and Jagged Surrender – The Essential Jagged Ivory.

Buy Link:

The Essential Jagged Ivory: Jagged Ivory Boxed Set


 Lashell’s website

You can visit the Jagged Ivory website here

Book One – Jagged Hearts


Mercy Holland is sure of two things. One – that Noah Ivory is sex on legs. And two – that he doesn’t remember her or the night of passion they spent together four years ago before his band, Jagged Ivory, signed their record deal. But when her father, who just happens to be the band’s manager, gives her the opportunity to travel with them on tour, Mercy can’t help but hope that she and the sexy lead guitarist can reignite an old, smoldering flame.

Playing lead guitar for one of the hottest rock bands in the world has its perks, and Noah Ivory has no trouble taking full advantage of it. He has his pick of the many gorgeous young girls that fall at his feet night after night. But when Jagged Ivory’s manager brings his beautiful and sassy daughter along on the European leg of their world tour, the guitar god is suddenly thrown for a loop as the memories of their steamy one-night stand come crashing back to him.

Now, all sorts of questions are running through his head. Like how can he apologize for the way he treated her back then? How can he tell her that she hasn’t been far from his thoughts since that night? How can he pursue her with her father watching his every move? And most importantly, how can he keep her from falling for his brother?

If you’re a fan of rock star romances, you will love the boys of Jagged Ivory!


The energy in the stadium was electric and palpable, and Mercy could feel it even from her position just off the stage in the wings. She had stood there the entire show, watching in awe as Jagged Ivory brought the entire arena to its feet. The crowd was so pumped, and she could easily see that the guys were feeding off their energy. It was the most amazing experience, watching from this vantage point. And now that she was sort of friends with them, it made it all the more surreal for her. She had seen them perform live countless times, both before they had made it big and since. But this felt somehow different. This was more exciting.

The house lights dimmed once again and the full-to-capacity stadium roared with adulation as the guys said goodnight and left the stage for the final time. It had been an incredible show and they had certainly given the audience their money’s worth, performing for two solid hours. And Mercy had never felt more star-struck than she did at that moment. When the guys came off the stage, one by one, she watched them walk past her feeling like a breathless teenager.

She followed them and Mike as they made their way back down to the dressing room. Once there, Noah grabbed a clean towel from the stage hand offering them, and took a moment to bury his face in it, wiping away the pound of sweat gathered there before proceeding down his bare chest. As usual during a show, he had long discarded his t-shirt under the heat of the lights and the exertion of the performance. It was customary for him to remove it onstage and toss it out to the crowd about halfway through a show.

Mercy stood timidly in a corner of the room, frozen to the spot as everyone bustled around her, and she watched him. To her, it felt as if he were the only other person in the room. The towel he held in his hands glided slowly over the medieval dragon tattoo that snaked its way from the right side of his back around to the right side of his chest and abdomen. God, he was perfection, and Mercy could feel herself drooling. He had been magnificent onstage. Wolfish and sexy. His every movement had excited her like foreplay. She wanted him. God help her, she still wanted him. Even with the memories of his rejection still fresh in her mind. What was her problem? Was she simply a glutton for punishment? She had to get a grip on herself.

She was snapped out of her lowly self-assessment when her dad suddenly called out, “Hey, Noah, your little friend from the restaurant is waiting in the Green Room!”

Noah grabbed a fresh t-shirt, and Mercy watched as he quickly slipped it on and rounded the guys up to go greet their guest. She was astounded as she watched him play host to that little girl and her parents. He was so genuine and animated, and he looked as though he were really enjoying himself. He made sure all the guys signed her tour program, and he insisted they take a picture together. He did everything he could to put young Mindy Peters on cloud nine, and Mercy was amazed.

She was staring at the scene in fascination when he suddenly looked right at her. “Hey, Mercy! Would you mind?” he said, holding the kid’s camera out to her.

“Oh, sure,” she said anxiously, stepping forward to take the camera from him. She felt an internal shock when their fingers lightly brushed one another’s, and she looked up slightly startled, only to find his eyes boring into hers. She could feel her face flush slightly as she looked away and took a step back to take the picture. She took one shot of Mindy and her parents with the entire group, and one shot of just Mindy and Noah. And she smiled at the girl when she handed her camera back to her.

“You’re so lucky to be his girlfriend,” the girl gushed as she thanked her and walked away. And Mercy and Noah stood staring at each other with wide, shocked eyes, wondering how she had gotten such a wrong idea.

 Today Jagged Ivory is touring Dubai. Can you imagine playing on concert in a city like this?

Dubai-top Dubai dubai_dinatour

The Essential Jagged Ivory Tour

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