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7 Questions With Heather M. Gardner


Today I’d like to welcome Heather M. Gardner, author of the brand-spanking- new Maguire’s Corner, a fun, fast, steamy romantic adventure!

Heather and I met through Twitter thanks to a little contest called So You Think You Can Write.  We were both lucky enough to make the Top 20… and I have been waiting to find out what happens in her book ever since!  I am so excited it is finally here.

So just who is Heather?  Here are seven questions to help you get to know her:


1. As fast as you can, tell us a little bit about Maguire’s Corner.

Maguire’s Corner is a small town in NY where the Town Sweetheart must put up with the hot new Police Chief while he tries to find out who is trying to kill her.

 2. I know that like me, you’ve got a soft spot for sci-fi and superheroes. Which one is your favorite and why?

 Tough question. Almost imposs…. OK, Tony Stark/Iron Man. Technically not a super-hero but take away the suit and he’s still a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. : )

 3. If you could go live in any ‘universe’ (books, tv, movies) which one would you pick and why (Not Maguire’s Corner!!)

 I think I’d like being a browncoat in The ‘Verse, it was my kind of world. Cowboys on spaceships? What’s not to like?

 4. Ok, I changed my mind. You’re allowed to go live in Maguire’s Corner now. What do like about living there?

 MC is loosely based on the town I live in now. We know each other but we don’t all know each other and everyone’s kinda related except for those of us who just moved here.

 5. If you could pull a Joss Whedon and add a strong, badass woman to the Avengers line-up, who would you create? (You know, so we could actually have fun playing Avengers with our sons.)

 Although Black Widow is awesome, she has too much baggage. No, not those. Emotional baggage. I would like more of a warrior with less human emotion. Like Sif but w/o the crush on Thor.

 6. What is your favorite part of writing romance?

 All of it. I love writing it and reading it and thinking about it. There is nothing better than a good love story.  Well, except a story with lots of explosions. Those are good, too!

 7. And finally, tell us one unusual or cool thing about yourself that you use in your writing.

 Well, I don’t know about unusual or cool but since I’m a coffee-aholic, so are my characters. So much so that they own a coffee shop!

Thanks Heather, for answering my questions! And best of luck with Maguire’s Corner (I know you have big things ahead!!)  Run (DO NOT WALK) to get Maguire’s Corner right now!

And check out her publisher Front Porch Romance while you’re at it!

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