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Release Day! FILTERS 2: Grayscale is out NOW!


Hey, hey, it’s RELEASE DAY!!  That’s right, the next chapter in the FILTERS series is out!  Filters 2 focuses on the effects the little things we let slide into the gray area have on our lives.

For Veronica and Rick, it means their marriage is on the line.  But with her stuck at work, they have nothing but time to think about their actions.

Lacey, on the other hand, gets blindsided when she hands over the emails showing her boss was working with a rival company.  The last thing she expected was to find the spotlight turned on herself.

Theo just wants to find the girl with the blue eyes.  Realizing he’d let her slip through his fingers because he thought he had plenty of time, he makes it his mission to track her down.

Jonathan and Jessica are slipping into a romance they may never recover from.  Can they handle what is about to happen?

Check out these excerpts for a taste of FILTERS 2: Grayscale!




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