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 Alexis on YouTube

Hey everyone! I’ve been making videos for several years as a writer and as a contributor to First Draught Writing. If you’re looking for videos on my books you’ll find them here! If you’re looking for advice on writing, you’ll find that too! Check them out, subscribe to my channel, and stay up to date!

Reading in Bed with Alexis Anne

(a show where Alexis’s favorite authors climb under the covers and read books with her!)

Reading in Bed with Alexis Anne: Episode 2 Laura von Holt, aka Madame de Boudoir, joins me in bed to giggle and chat about her book, King of the Sea. Be sure to grab a copy of her book: and visit her website: You can always find more about Alexis Anne on her website: King of the Sea: New England Readers' Choice Award Winner!

Book Chats

Summer Heat, the fifth book in The Storm Inside series, is out now! But before release day I sat down with The Sexy Editor to chat about the book! For more:

First Draught

A show about writing and publishing. Featuring Alexis Anne, Julia Kelly, and Mary Chris Escobar

Welcome to our new 3-part craft series on building characters in your novel. In this episode we discuss techniques we've found helpful for getting started, as well as for getting through a creative block. Please visit us at Hosts: Alexis Anne and Julia Kelly If you enjoyed today's episode please leave a review!