Reading Order

Dear Reader,

Thanks for picking up my books! Figuring out which book to pick up next is my number one question as a reader so this page is designed with that in mind. I also recommend checking out the Books By Trope page. Whether you start with one series or another, they all ultimately overlap and no choice is wrong!

Happy reading!


If you start with The Storm Inside series:

The Storm Inside

Reflected in the Rain

When Lightning Strikes

Never Let Go

Summer Heat (You can also START HERE, read to the end, then cycle back to the top)

Night Games

Last Fall

Reckless Kiss

Reckless Love

Come For Me, Darling

Go Away, Darling

Kiss Me, Darling

Third Times the Charm


If you start with the Tease Series:





5 Dirty Sins

6 Dirty Secrets

7 Dirty Lies

King of Wands

What to read next: The Reckless Kiss series


If you start with Reckless Kiss:

Reckless Kiss

Reckless Love

Reckless Nights (upcoming)

What to read next: The Wild Pitch Series