Last Fall


Book 3 of The Wild Pitch Series, a Storm Inside Series spin-off. 

Zoe, the quiet writer, has a story she never plans to tell.

Erik won’t quit until he knows every word.


Falling in love is what I do professionally, not personally.

And technically it’s not me falling in love. It’s my characters. I write novels that fly off the shelves, making up imaginary happily ever afters to fill the hole where my own should be.

Spoiler: I’m never going to have one of those.

Instead, I go to bed each night safely fantasizing about Erik, the sexy second baseman I have no intention of sleeping with because, like I said, I write romances, I don’t live them.


For three years I’ve had a crush on a woman who wants nothing to do with me.

And that’s fine. I don’t need the distraction of a beautiful, sexy, brilliant writer. I’m busy building a team to win a championship. I never expected to make it as a professional ballplayer and this is my one shot at a dream come true.

Aw, hell. Who am I kidding? I want the championship and I want the girl. I’m patient enough to wait for both. The moment Zoe decides she’s ready to date I’ll be the first one in line … and I’ll do whatever it takes to prove to her I’m the only man she needs.

Ever again.

*Last Fall is the third and final installment in The Wild Pitch series, a spin-off of The Storm Inside series

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5 Please-let-me-unread-so-I-can-read-it-again stars!!!

I mean that. Legitimately. From the bottom of my heart

Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. You’ve loved her in so many books.
A mystery. Skittish. A doer.
Erik. Erik is why romance novels are written.

This is their story. I’m not a fan of slow burns as a rule. And everything I read said this is a slow burn. And while their courtship or desire for a relationship spans years, the way Alexis wrote this didn’t have my normal frustrations with a slow burn.

Lots of main character interaction. Lots of visiting past characters. Loved every single thing about this book.

Fav scene: all the team loads up on a plane to save the day! No spoilers. But that part... *dashes tear away*

If you like a dreamy, understanding hunk who really gets what his girl needs... and a heroine that learns herself and stays true to her by loving him... this is the story for you!!!

Highly recommend.

Side note: cannot wait for Jack & Berlin’s story!! --Goodreads Reviewer