Summer Heat

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Book 1 of The Wild Pitch Series

Can baseball’s bitterest feud become its greatest love story?

A long time ago I fell in love with the wrong man. Wrong because there was no chance we could ever be together. Roman St. James was off limits. Forbidden. The enemy.

Except the Daniels-St. James feud isn’t my feud and it most certainly isn’t Roman’s. He’s nothing like his father. And while the rivalry between our families is one of the most famous in all of baseball, I couldn’t help myself. One smile turned into one date, and one date turned into so much more.

Of course it was a disaster. And now, five years later, I can still barely bring myself to think about what could have been.

Until one night in a locker room changes everything…

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Summer Heat is the first book in the Wild Pitch series. This three book series follows June Daniels and her friends, Carrie and Zoe (Never Let Go).

Summer Heat: June Daniels and Roman St. James both descend from baseball royalty, but a decades old feud tore them apart. Can this forbidden love conquer all?
Night Games: What do you do when you wakeup in Vegas married to a gorgeous catcher? Run! But is Wes fast enough to catch his runaway bride?
Last Fall: A romance writer who wants nothing to do with love and the quiet second baseman with a secret crush.

*Wild Pitch is a spin-off of the The Storm Inside series

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