5 Dirty Sins

5DS Final_update Nov 2016

5 Dirty Sins (Tease #5)

What do you get when a brilliant singer on the run moves in next door to a surfing yogi pastry chef? A hot bodyguard romance, of course!

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It all started with a cup of sugar.

Sweet, innocent sugar was all it took for Logan Phillips to slip into my life like he’d always been there. There’s only one problem: Logan is the sexy boy next door and I’m not who I say I am.

Six years ago I gave up everything to save the people I loved. Since then I’ve protected my identity by keeping secrets and telling lies. I’m the last person Logan should be with.

I had no plans to let our relationship go past our chemistry in the bedroom, but the more I got to know Logan, the more I learned he wasn’t quite who he said he was, either.
In fact, he might be the only person who can help me end my exile and give me my life back.

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