TEMPT (Book 3 of the Tease Series)

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One heartbeat.

That’s all that separates us from the life we’ve known and everything that could change it.

One kiss.

Was all it took to change mine.

Theo was rich and handsome, brilliant and powerful, but he wasn’t a hero or a prince charming. And let’s be honest, I wasn’t exactly a damsel in distress. I wanted Theo, so I took him. Hard and passionately without any regard for the consequences.

At first it was just sex. Wild sex. Fantastic sex. But once wasn’t enough and I got greedy. In all fairness, so did he. One thing led to another and before either of us knew what was happening our lives were tangled up and messy. Inextricably linked. I’d fallen in love with a stranger.

And that was the problem.

Theo Sutherland was a man with a dark past and a price on his head. My life was at stake just for being with him.

One kiss was all it took to make me believe in love.

One heartbeat was all it took to turn him into the hero he never thought he’d be.


Amazon ◊ iBooks ◊ Nook ◊ Kobo ◊ Amazon UK ◊ Amazon AU ◊ Amazon CA

The Paperback


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  1. Hi! I purchased Tempt: Volume 1 on iBook for free and I’m not able to read more than 7 chapters?? even though if it says there’s 67 chapters

    • Hi mimmi! I’m not sure why it lists 67 chapters. There are definitely 7 chapters in Tempt: Volume 1. There must be something wrong in the epub file data. I will look into what’s going on! Happy reading!

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