Alexis Anne is the author of the steamy The Storm Inside and the sexy Tease series. A recovering archaeologist, she loves writing stories about passionate people overcoming mistakes and finding where they belong (amidst some equally passionate sexy-times). Her heroines are smart, her heroes are strong, and her stories are always close to her own life experiences. She lives in Florida North Carolina with The Sexy Editor, their two superheroes, and a dog who would be much happier in the snow (although he seems okay with the beach). is happy his humans finally moved him somewhere with seasons.



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  1. Will When lightening strikes be available on amazon by chance? Thanks, Nicole

  2. Thanks, I can’t wait! Nicole😏

  3. Margaret Chaney Handler

    I am trying to join your newsletter but can’t find the link. Thanks

  4. i love Jake and Eve’s story and I hope you plan on writing more about them. I just read the exerpt you posted in Nov. and I hope you consider putting that scene back in the book. It has been a while since I read the second book and can’t think where that would fit in but I plan on rereading their story soon so hopefully i will figure out where I should have been. Please let us know if you plan to write more and when it might be out. I would love to see where Jake and Eve and even Greg are.

  5. Allison Olmstead

    When will Tempt volume 4 be out it says Sept 2015 but I can not find it anywhere.

  6. Hello i was wondering if there is more books about adam and elizabeth from tease? Or if you plan on writing more about them bc i think there is alot more that can be written about them and they are my favourite couple. Thank yoj

  7. Just finished “Tease” and I’m happy to say, I’m hooked!!! Loved Elizabeth and Adam’s story! Can’t wait to see what the other Tease books have in store. Love your writing!

  8. Hi just came across the one week in love series…i can’t find some are they no longer avail…i have a kindle and link and can’t find them ?…need something else of yours to read….thanks

  9. Hey, I just wanted to know if you plan on writing a book for Scott(co-film star with Lillian Lawrence) and Lucy (manager of both Madeline and Scott), becuz I just finished the Tease Series and I’m DEAD curious as to what will happen with those two. AND I loved EACH AND EVERY single book of the tease series *mind blowing* 😍😁 Thank you!! Hoping and praying for a positive feed back.

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