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Reckless Love


Reckless Love

“I craved ripping that mask away and unleashing the beast that lurked inside each man.”

“This duet was seriously steamy.” -Goodreads Review


Who could ever love a monster?

Leo Hancock is handsome. He’s also brilliant, perceptive, and has bedroom moves like no one else. (Seriously. He’s got these ninja moves that no one man should be powerful enough to possess. And yet...he does!)

Whereas I, one Esme Brown, am best at seeking revenge and destroying my enemies. I’ve dabbled in normal life and even pretended I belonged there, but come on. At the end of the day I’m just pretending to be a good person.

He’s good and I’m evil. It should be as simple as that. Except Leo thinks there’s good in me too, and he’s willing to breach the mote and the castle walls and anything else to prove that he’s right. He’s even been known to hold me captive while he does those bedroom ninja moves until I believe every word he says. (And let’s be honest...I like that part.)

Reckless Love is a steamy reverse Beauty and the Beast-inspired romance. It is the second and final book of the Reckless Duet.

*Reckless Love was originally published as a newsletter serial. There are a few extra scenes and an extended ending in the final published book. If you read the newsletter serial you do not need to purchase the book…unless you want it to keep!

**Reckless Love is the final book in the Reckless Duet

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