Night Games


Countless women across the country have fallen for Jacksonville Waves catcher Wes Allen and his adorable brand of sexy as he poses shirtless in their social media feeds with his cat, Snickers.  It’s not his fault he’s irresistible. He loves women and women love him, but his relationships never last longer than a selfie and a satisfied smile.

Dr. Carrie Anne Walker is a professional – an orthopedic physician for the St. Pete Mantas – and has sworn off baseball players completely… until Wes shoots down her immunity one hot summer night.

One night becomes a hot mess of a game and Carrie Anne knows she has to leave or lose her heart forever to a player who has broken hearts across the country. But Wes isn’t letting go of Carrie–not in Florida, not in Vegas, and certainly not at the quickie wedding chapel that accepts all forms of payment from intoxicated customers.

It might be a trick play, but Wes won’t let Carrie go home one more night without him.

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