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The Storm Inside series are second chance romances best read in order. The Tease series are steamy standalone fling-to-true love romances that can be read in any order, but are best when enjoyed in the order written. You can check out this infographic for more or download this .pdf: Alexis Anne Reading Order

The Storm Inside Series

Sometimes love needs a second chance. 

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The Wild Pitch Series (a Storm Inside Series)

Summer-Heat-Kindle  Night-Games-Kindle  Last Fall_ebook

Also Available:

The Storm Inside Box Set

The Tease Series

Passion and romance combine in these flings turned into love stories.

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Also Available: Tease Series Box Sets

Other Books by Alexis Anne

The Secret Crush Series

Bonus Content


You can purchase all of my books in paperback from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers including Book Depository. Get an easy print copy of the reading order here.

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  1. Mackenzie Campbell

    Amazing writing (from a non-writer, I just like reading books) , the struggles that Eve goes through in every aspect can be followed. I finished this book and then I got the second one and it keeps getting better. A book that I will be on the top of my list and I even have bought it through the nook ( i prefer real books) as soon as I read the preview I was hooked, I wanted to know more and amazon was not going to get the book to me fast enough.

  2. it would be nice to have a printable books list the way it is now I can’t print

  3. Mae Pitts Ledford

    LOVED Tease!!

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